Our Great Country

Tomorrow is a very important day for our country and while I would love to be there to witness and people watch, I decided it is best that we stay home.... but I couldn't resist a quick drive into DC to take a look. I hope that you enjoy these more documentary shots from our trip into the city.

This morning, my youngest and I drove into DC to just look around. Most of the roads near the main hub were blocked or parking was restricted, so we found a parking garage... the attendant told me that I had one hour before secret service would be shutting down the road, but he was glad to take my $10 for the hour haha. 

So we jumped out and took a really quick walk toward the White House. I don't like politics, but I love my country and the tradition and honor of the office of President. I also deeply love our military and all that it means to be free and protected in our great country. After we loaded back up and got out of the garage, we took the long way around and went through the tunnel... side note, I realize that I am a wee bit claustrophobic when we came to a standstill in the middle of the 5 lane tunnel. We came out of the tunnel just as President-elect Trump's convoy was heading into town. I couldn't help but feel in awe of our whole democratic process and all that our country stands for. I am thankful that we all get to express our opinions and are not worried for our safety at all hours of the day. 

I hope that we have a safe and uneventful Inaguration Day and that you all have a wonderful weekend.