Welcome Baby: Custom Beer Label Design

Hello blog world! I hope that you're having a fabulous Sunday :)

My husband started brewing beer a few months ago and has loved it. He has made 3 batches so far... it smells yummy. Hopefully I can have some soon.  In honor of little man Grant's arrival, he decided to give his buddies at work a bottle of his latest batch... And well I can't let the guy go out the door with plain bottles to announce the arrival of his youngest son. That just wouldn't be very wifely of me. So around 10pm last Thursday, we started working on some ideas for a cute and quick label. This is the finished product:

Since it was last minute, we just used shipping labels and cut them down to the right size (around 3in x 4in). You need to use waterproof labels if you are going to cool the beer... but since this was a last minute gift for the guys, I think they will look past a destroyed label to enjoy a nice cold beer.

I love how it turned out. I don't really have a tutorial or printable for you. I can see a future of making many beer labels, so hopefully I will have some ideas and printables to post.

I can tell you about the program I use and fonts. I use the Adobe Creative Suite for all of my design and photography. For this label I used Adobe InDesign. If you currently used Publisher or a similar type of page layout program, I urge you to try InDesign... it is a whole other world that you will never leave once you've tried it. I self taught myself everything that I know how to do in the program about 6 years ago and I promise that it isn't that complicated... just intimidating to begin with.

As far as fonts go, all of the fonts that I used were FREE :) and I typically get my fonts from dafont.com.

  • Fonts Used
  • Basic Title Font 
  • Ostrich Sans
  • Ostrich Sans Rounded
  • Ostrich Sans Bold
  • Libby
  • Matchbook
  • Dubiel
  • Prestige Elite Std
  • Lobster 1.4
  • Intro
  • MTF Heart Doodle
  • The two graphics are from Etsy
You can find lots of font lists from other bloggers on my Creative Girl Pinterest Board, click below to check out the board

Have a wonderful week and hopefully some cooler fall temps to come soon!