Welcome Baby Boy!

Last Monday was a very sleepless night... one nervous mama who was checking into the hospital at 7am the following morning. You would think that by the third baby, there would be no nerves. Around 2:30 am, I threw in the towel and showered, put on the makeup and did my hair... then a 2 hour nap and I was up and ready.  Ready before my husband, sitting there... this only happens one other day of the year- the day after Thanksgiving shopping :)

Everything went pretty smoothly at the hospital.  There was Pitocin, a slightly scary epidural, finally relaxed nerves, ice chips, and then 2 pushes and we welcomed our beautiful and calm baby boy... Grant Ryan. He got to meet the whole family when we made it to our room. His big brother and sister were over the moon to meet the little man.

My husband is the most amazing supporter. He took 5,000 photos for me and let me take off a few layers of skin during the multiple poke IV and epidural. He knew that I was pretty scared this time and made it all better... he even got me french fries as soon as we got to the room :)

A few shots from the day:

Thank you to all of the sweet wishes from friends, family, and the wonderful blog world :)