Happy 4th

Happy 4th to everyone!!!  Are these not the coolest Santas you've ever seen??  Now that is some awesome camo pants!  This was the Santa Pack in our local VFW parade.  

I caught my son waving his flag as the parade started.  Mom was a ball of tears for most of the parade -  pregnancy hormones with the intense patriotic theme...  there were multiple outbursts from nowhere.

We have a large component of Celtic dancers and bagpipes in our part of Florida.  I grew up going to the Scottish games in Virginia and so this makes me smile.

And finally.... this photo warms my heart.  Mom was very slowly waddling back to the truck after having lunch, so the boys decided to throw the football as I waddled. Is that not the most breathtaking tree?  I want a house right there... with a big red barn and Bessie the cow.  I even have the boots to go with Bessie the cow :)

Have a wonderful 4th and be safe with those fireworks tonight.

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