London through my Lens

London through my Lens

My husband and I just returned from a quick trip across the pond.  It was a nice getaway and I got to snap a few pictures to share with you.  I have lots of funny stories of crazy people on the planes, TSA agents, missed busses, people in London and on and on... but Lordy mercy I'm pooped so I'll go with the photos for now and get to work on some Summer printables to share with you this coming week!!

 I absolutely love the cute double decker buses.  They were coming down this perfect little side street :)

A perfectly placed bicycle

A view from the bridge

the London Eye

the coolest man with a fire throwing tuba

the London Tower at night

lunch on the Thames River

the Underground

view of Big Ben and Parliament from the top of the London Eye

Big Ben and Parliament and Westminster Abbey in the background

a slight wrong turn, but it was a great photo opp

older Underground station

another shot of the London Eye

Big Ben from the River

...and now after all of the walking and very long plane rides

miss kitty and I will be laying here for the weekend so that my ankles can return to a normal size :)  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and are getting ready for a fabulous summer!!!

Take Care

Moore, Oklahoma: Through My Lens

Moore, Oklahoma: Through My Lens

I have survived this week.... well almost

I have survived this week.... well almost