I have survived this week.... well almost

I have survived this week.... well almost

This week has been one for the record books...  and I can truly say that is a huge understatement.  I'm a military wife and have lived through many years of deployments, endured tornados and hurricanes, every childhood disease repeated times, flooded houses and the boogie man.... but this week!!!  Lord have mercy!!!

All I can say is that I will forever be indebted to my amazing sister in law. There is a reason we live near family for the first time in 13 years...  someone upstairs was watching out for us. I am also truly grateful that there were 6 boxes of girl scout cookies delivered on Monday.  During one moment of panic, my daughter rushed to the counter and opened a box and said "here mommy...  just have two thin mints, it'll keep you from freaking out!!!" hahahahaha and let me tell you it almost did the trick.

So, I thought I would share a few photos with you....  of our happy endings to the week from

H-E- double hockey sticks

.  There will be more to come as I get them edited.

First there has been this...

In the middle of an all out crisis one of my daughters teachers called and said "hello...  I just wanted to remind you that this weekend is your turn to take home Pixie, the class hamster" All I could think of is how on Monday I very well may have to pack up the cat in the hamster cage and take it back to school...  I will be able to with all honesty say "I promise that Pixie is in the cage.... and look you gained a class cat too!!"

For some reason I feel that Pixie speaks Spanish... and is begging for the gigantic cat to move and spare her.  I'm also pretty sure the cat has an evil plan going in her head...

This afternoon we loaded up the family and headed to a Spring training game and left Pixie home alone to defend herself...

The kids were so excited.  A little chilly outside, but we all had a great time.  

I did what I always do... take photos.

 What?? What are you looking at?  

So this guy is apparently a big deal (Cabbera)...  It's been a couple of years since I really 

paid attention to baseball names, so forgive me if I just offended you.

such a beautiful sky

Then around the 5th inning... it was time for some food.  The kids ventured off with some money and came back with nachos pilled high with cheese and jalapeños.  For them to share with Dad...

and for Mom

---who is 16 weeks pregnant and thank the lord can finally eat without wanting to die 24/7

I received the most delicious hot dog with ketchup and a diet coke.  The hallelujah chorus played after that first bite and big drink.  :)  Just look at it, beautiful!!!

and one final shot taken from the truck after stopping for dinner... with an added thought.  I hope that you had a wonderful Saturday and a fabulous Sunday tomorrow!

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