Just Breath...

Watching the world through the eyes of your children just might be the greatest perk of being a parent.  Well "perk" may not be the appropriate word, more like blessing.  

... perk makes me think of that line from Shrek...  "maybe it's a perk!" (in donkey voice) :)

ok if you have watched and listened to Shrek 14.3335 million times like me, then you would understand.  Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Shrek are forever in my head... mostly Shrek. It makes me laugh the most.  Like the Parfait line... "ain't nobody who don't ..." well you get the idea.  

back to my blessings/aka perk

My daughter has her mothers impatience and stubborn/independent personality.  It's not so much a in your face personality, somewhat shy... but fiercely independent and doesn't like being told no.  My husband is in trouble when we are both hormonal! At the age of 3 she had told me it was time for her bangs to be trimmed. She had these really cute bangs at that time and shoulder length hair.  I said ok, but forgot about it for a couple of days.  Well...  she didn't forget and one morning she walked in with a handful of hair and said (in her big girl voice)... "I cut my bangs!"  I kept looking at the hair in her hands and thinking that it was far too much hair for just a bang trim.  I calmly asked to look at her work and took the pile of hair from her.  The little thing had cut (to her scalp) half of her bangs and random chunks of hair all over her head!!!  All I could do was laugh and take her to the salon to get the shortest hair cut ever.  We have let it grow for the past 4 years with very random trimmings to wait on all of the child induced layers to grow out.  

Today my daughter went in for a haircut.  It's the holidays and I'm off work and Granny was in for a visit, so the ladies loaded up to head to the salon.   She is now newly 7 and was very concerned about having anything resembling bangs... ironic huh??  Elvis (the amazing hair man) put on her cape/smock (can't think of it's name tonight haha) and it was enormous on her. He started cutting her hair, just a trim and some shape around her face.  Well this is the part that was awesome.  She sat there and without blinking an eye and became fully engrossed in the conversation of the lady next to her getting her hair done...  the woman was throwing out "giirrrlllll's" and "no he didn't" and "oh helllll no's" and my sweet angelic faced daughter listened to it all and her eyes got bigger and bigger with each comment and roaring laughter from the next seat.  

It was like she was 16 all of a sudden and I got to stand there and watch it all from the spectators stands.   She walked away so proud with her new hair cut and didn't even do the cough cough "mooom your killing me" when Elvis sprayed the hair spray!!  Why??  Guess I'll let that one go.  Now if she looks at me tomorrow and says "oh hellllll no"....  well she is going to be in one big heap of trouble ;)  but for now I'll wait on that conversation.  Just let her bask in the grown up hair salon glory and I'll keep the couple of cute iPhone pics I snapped.  

sometimes we just need to sit back and breath and enjoy the little sweet things in life.  <3

Life through the eyes of a child...

Life through the eyes of a child...